Busy Beaver Services


A professional climbing crew with over 10 of years experience, backed up by a full line of specialized tree removal equipment. This keeps jobs safe for our workers, customers, and surrounding hazards that there may be in the area. Certified arborists, inspected equipment, professionally trained staff, and a passion for trees is why you will receive a professional service each and every time!


At Busy Beaver we have a full line of stump removal equipment that is specialized for tight spaces, steep inclines, rough terrain, and even fenced in areas. We can remove any stump you have with ease and efficiency using proper equipment to ensure the job is done as it should be and the stump is removed safely.


Tree cabling and bracing is the process of installing flexible steel strand cables and braces in trees to reduce stress damage from high winds, the weight of ice or snow and heavy foliage. As we are certified arborists, we will help to strengthen weak branches or limbs so that they are better able to withstand severe weather and to improve their longevity and reduce potential risk.


Trimming and Pruning is an important service to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance. Our team of certified arborists have been mastering the art of tree trimming and pruning services since 2005. They have a deep biological expertise when it comes to trees and understand how to perform a professional tree trim or prune.


Stay Warm Manitoba— We supply firewood and cooking wood to the Manitoba area for both pickup and delivery! Call 204 761 9777!


Busy Beaver provides excellent quality tree and land clearing with affordable pricing and great customer service. We specialize in lane and ditch construction, including culvert & underground installations.