• For safety reasons, customers are not allowed on the job site
  • Any extra work or branches that are piled to be thrown in the chipper will be at an additional charge and must be approved by the crew foreman
  • Busy Beavers tools and equipment are only to be handled by employees
  • Payment is required upon completion of service (cash, cheque or e-transfer)
  • All insurance claim jobs that are under $4000 must be paid immediately upon completion of job by the customer. Any claims over $4000 are to be dealt with by Busy Beaver Tree Services and your insurance company
  • Any issues or concerns, please contact Shea at 204-621-6132 – please do not look for answers from the ground crew
  • Any incidents are to be reported to our office at 204-761-9777 – as soon as possible

**All crews have at least one certified arborist on site.